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My name is Chastity and THIS is my Beneve story...

Rolling out of my 40's and into my 50's I noticed that I was different. It was hard to get out of bed, smile, keep up with my teenager and all of the other things that life threw at me. AND as a bonus, I was gaining weight like my life depended on it. Life simply wasn't what it used to be, and I wasn't willing to accept that. I wasn't ready to go into "old people mode." I wanted to LIVE. I'm a fan of supplements, working out, and eating right-ish, and I was doing ALL of those things, but I wasn't getting the results/feelings I used to get. 

So, my search began...
I tried SO many things.  ALL of the trends as well as tried and true methods.  NOTHING worked. I began to think that this was just how life was going to go for me. And then a friend reached out to me and said, "Hey I'm going to try this Xcelerate coffee that's supposed to be amazing for mood and weight management, do you want to try it with me?" Although I wasn't a "real" big coffee drinker, I decided to take a chance! I then spoke to another, new friend, and she explained the "how" and "why" about Beneve's Xcelerate products.  Well, I fell in love with her story of how it all happened. NEXT, I tried the 4-Day Xcelerate sample and WOW!  I drink coffee black, and this actually tasted better than the drive-thru coffees. PLUS, I felt REALLY good! Seriously, I felt happy. 

Fast forward to today and I'm down 22 pounds and feeling AMAZING!!!

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